Laurinburg Tis the Season.

Christmas in 


Christmas holds a special memory for each of us.  As part of our event in Laurinburg,  'Tis the Season wants to capture these memories.  


While trying to finish up some baking and looking for the perfect gifts needed, I decided to take a stroll. Walking always takes me back to the times of the quiet and stillness that only the holidays can bring. The brisk cold air reminded me of Christmas. Oh how I wished those simple times as a child were here again. Laughing until the tears flowed down our faces, singing songs as I strolled.

Then it happened that excitement that you thought only a child could experience. The spirit of the season that takes your breath away. It was truly Magical. I walked upon Crystal Cove Lake. There were lit trees and bales of hay. Children were ice skating, music was playing. Oh how the memories came flooding back. I ran back home and got my ice skates and ran back with friends. This beautiful winter magical place was part of what I always longed for, a festival.

TIS THE SEASON... a place where I could forget all about today and be taken back to yester-years. Laurinburg's first amazing Christmas joy Crystal Cove Lake. Bring your ice skates and come enjoy the ice with some hot cocoa. Tell your friends and make a day of it. Scotland County's             TIS THE SEASON festival and Crystal Cove Lake. I wonder if Santa knows about this...... now wouldn't that be magical?               (Picture by Kim Hildebrand, Storyline by D.G. Miller)