Laurinburg Tis the Season.

Christmas in 


Christmas holds a special memory for each of us.  As part of our event in Laurinburg,         'Tis the Season wants to capture these memories.  


All over the world, people are getting ready for Christmas. People will be decorating and singing all of their favorite songs. There is nothing more joyful as the carols that have touched our hearts and have given such sweet memories to us all. Can you just imagine the sounds of a choir? How uplifting and joyous each song rings out. The beautiful music and words. Almost like angels singing.

We at         TIS THE SEASON would like to invite you and your family to come see and listen to Choirs from our communities. Each choir and their director have chosen some of your favorite Chistmas songs and the best part will be that they will be in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Come share the joy of this Magical Festival and of course our singing Live Christmas Tree.

(StoryLine by D.G. Miller)