Laurinburg Tis the Season.

Christmas in 


Laurinburg 'Tis the Season

“What is this thing called Christmas?”

So many people have asked and everyone has a different response. Christmas is a time to remember. Time with friends and loved ones. The snow, the decorating baking cookies with grandma.

Take a look back to when you were a child. Ice skating on a frozen lake , snowball fights and sledding. The beautiful lights that adorned the city streets, fireplaces with marshmallows and cocoa.

Most of all Christmas was a time when all the world fell silent to the charms of this magical holiday. Making new friends and sharing wonderful memories while making new ones as well.

Christmas is one of the loveliest and kindest festivals of the circling year and yet, for all that speak of its influence knows that it has such strong power.

It brings back the imagination and memories of your childhood days. It reminds the pleasures of youth for aged souls, and brings wanderers back to their quiet homes.

 This year Christmas magic has fallen on our community of Laurinburg, NC. The twinkling stars of Christmas has adorned Scotland County with our first ever             TIS THE SEASON. A magical festival for everyone to come and enjoy. A delightful place to relax after a long day of shopping and baking. See the lights and a few other surprises...

More to come..             TIS THE SEASON don't miss it, Santa will be watching....

(Storyline by D.G. Miller)